Energy is one of the biggest challenges of Africa today...


Energy is one of the biggest challenges of Africa today , the need to supply the growing demand for electricity  in central and rural aeries , has motivated our group to locate and develop energy solutions all over the continent

Power generation – we specialize in a full torn key solution for power generation:












We aspire for a green and healthy environment, that is why we focus on using green technologies to generate power in the most environment friendly way we can:







Ups systems – uninterrupted power supply

In a world of shortage in power supply, ups systems are a most have solution for all, home, business and industry, our company develops and supplies cutting edge solutions for government, industry and home clients

We provide a wide range of ups systems:

Small home use systems for protection of your computer and other home electronics

Big customized systems for businesses and industries, to ensure stability of computers and machinery during a power break

Server rooms customized solutions – for organizations dealing with delicate data and a large scale of users

Locating the need

feasibility studies

land acquirement

agreements with government , suppliers and local electric company